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10 miles of ski tracks

waiting for you

At Lövåsgården you live with the mountains right in front of you. A few steps and you are up above the tree line where miles of vistas await you.

Rendalsölen from Grövelsjöfjällen


Just over 10 miles of groomed ski tracks, directly outside the hotel entrance

In Grövelsjöfjällen there are just over 10 miles of groomed trails that lead both out onto the mountain and around the surrounding area as well as many miles of excursion trails where dogs and sleds are welcome. Here you step on the track directly outside in the courtyard by the hotel and choose the distance that suits you. Our 2.5 / 5 / 10 km tracks start from our courtyard. Here you will find both classic tracks and skate surfaces. 300 meters beyond the hotel you will also find the electric light track, 3 km long, which gives you the opportunity to ride during the slightly darker hours of the day. If you want to take your touring skis up the mountain, you are there in 10-15 minutes from the hotel.

Track Fees & track marks
Season:850 sec
Week:420 sec
Three days:240 sec
Day:95 sec

Children under 15 ride for free.

Track marks are available for sale at the following locations:
Lövåsgårdens Fjällhotell, Fjällbua, Småbruket Västerbäcken, Grövelfjäll, Maika's ski shop, STF Grövelsjöns Fjällstation, Grövelsjö Booking, Renbiten, Storsätra Fjällhotell, Grövelsjögården, Sjöstugan.

Click here for trail map of the area!

Downhill skiing

Grövelsjöfjällen and its surroundings offer great opportunities for downhill skiing. Here you can find Grövelfjäll, which is a 15-minute drive from the hotel, as well as Idre Fjäll, Idre Himmelfjäll and Fjätervålen, about 40 minutes from the hotel. Four facilities that offer great downhill skiing regardless of whether you are a beginner or experienced, adult or child.

Near the hotel there is a smaller slalom run run by Lövåsliften AB.

Sweden's southernmost mountain fishing

Storån, Hävlingen, Grövlan, Foskan. The list of exciting fishing waters in Grövelsjöfjällen and its vicinity can be made long. And then we haven't even mentioned the waters on the Norwegian side; Sømåa, Isterfossen, Galtstrømmen, Femundselva, Engeråa and a number of lakes with fine stocks of both trout and char. In short – the area offers very varied fishing and an opportunity for you to find the water of your dreams.


The Grövelsjö area offers fantastic opportunities for snowmobiling. As part of 240 miles of groomed trails in northern Dalarna, there is something here for everyone who likes to experience nature from the scooter. Don't miss the experience that a scooter ride in our fantastic nature offers.

If you don't have your own scooter, it is possible to rent one in the area. In that case, contact Enarsson's Scooter Rental on 070-529 00 19. 

Snowmobiling also entails a responsibility and with it rules to follow, for everyone's comfort. Feel free to and read a little more about this. Here you will also find good information about our snowmobile trails and what opportunities there are for good skiing in the area. If you choose to visit us during your scooter trip, we offer good parking facilities next to the hotel. Please contact us for more details.


You can reach us on tel. 0253-290 29 alt.

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