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Here you will find our inn menu

Restaurant Lövåsgården

Now we are recharging for an exciting summer here at Lövåsgården and therefore keeping the hotel closed. The inn menu will be presented in the spring!

Lövåsgården's Fjällhotell opens on Thursday 27 June for summer guests. Welcome!

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Restaurant Lövåsgården

Inn menu

Served every evening at 19:00. Welcome to book a table at  0253-29029 or

Three-course inn menu SEK 595.
For the smaller children, even 12 years, then we adapt the menu according to age and wishes. Ask when you book!

Please let us know when booking accommodation/tables about any requests from children or vegetarian options. We will of course arrange it.

Inn menu Winter 2024


Creme Vichyssoise with sour cream seasoned with dill and caraway cheese

Chicken fried with sage and ginger and puree on roasted pumpkin and spice baked potatoes

and citrus and herb sauce

Vanilla pudding with apple compote and ginger slices


Smoked raw beef on beef thigh with kimchi mayonnaise and pickled cucumber

Otto on spelled with Karljohansvamp, mushrooms, cabbage and Gullan hard cheese from Hansjö dairy

Chocolate and whiskey cake with coffee mousse and stewed cherries


Baked beetroot with goat cheese, pumpkin seeds and parsley

Radish with peas and lemon and browned butter with horseradish and dill

Lingon parfait with crushed dreams


Grilled rainbow salmon is served with butter-fried rye bread and creme fraiche

Long-baked pork side with soy and ginger with sesame-fried red cabbage and sour mayonnaise

Pie with apple and lemon and cardamom cream


Canneloni filled with ricotta and spinach served with buttered tomato sauce and grated parmesan

Cod fish (Gadidae) with sauce on lobster, raw fried cauliflower and Swedish grain

Bread pudding on buns from Maxine with punch anglaise


Pie with butter-cooked onions and fennel served with sour cream and trout roe

Swedish beef fillet with sky, spiced butter on green pepper and roasted root vegetables

Warm cloudberries with vanilla ice cream and sponge cake


Smoked carrot with roasted hazelnuts, Golden hard cheese and vinaigrette on browned butter

Reindeer shavings from Jillie with mushrooms and onions served with potato puree and lingonberry jam and pickles

Basque cheesecake with black currants


You can reach us on tel. 0253-290 29 alt.

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